We first received a vision for this ministry in 2003 while returning from a trip to New York City where our group joined others in ministering to the homeless. During our return to Pittsburgh, some of us realized that we could do the same thing in Pittsburgh. We began by simply praying for direction and in October of 2003, we started what is now known as “No Walls Ministries.” We started going out on Friday nights with a thermos of coffee and some donuts. We went under bridges, into alleys, along the rivers, and through the streets of Pittsburgh. With what we experienced that first night, we knew that this is where God wanted us to be.

homeless person

At the present time, we have our church services at New Hope Methodist Church on the North Side ofPittsburgh with approximately fifty people attending weekly. We provide complete services for the people such as communion, baptisms, funerals, and weddings (after certain requirements are met), After the service, we provide a fellowship meal, distribute clothing, new socks, new under-garments, and toiletries and even give free hair cuts twice a month. On Wednesday evenings, we have started a discipleship study group to address the need for more personal ministry. For a more relaxing, fun time of fellowship, we have movie days and an annual picnic in May corresponding with Pennsylvania’s free fishing day.

Finally, we are teaching the people to serve by establishing a helps ministry that addresses the maintenance needs of New Hope Church and its congregation.

We thank the Lord for small beginnings and we remain open to the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit for our ministry.