Our Staff

No Walls is blessed to have a great team of staff who is highly devoted in their faith, and committed to reaching out to others by spreading the gospel. All staff is volunteer aside from our Pastor.

Pastor: Charlie Brownawell

We are truly blessed to have Pastor Charlie as our Pastor of No Walls Ministries, click his name to learn more! He is a graduate of Greater Works Bible College.

Web Developer: Ev. Zachary Murphy

Zach is a locally recognized Web Development Professional and Information Technology Professional. He has a strong faith for the Lord. His favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13. Zachary is also the Owner/Writer of his own personal blog, click here to learn more! Zach is also currently attending Greater Works Bible College and studying ministry.

Content Contributor/Event Coordinator: Julie Ruane

Please join us in welcoming Julie Ruane to our team of staff. More information for Julie is to come!